Chapter 1: Moving In

Moving in is always a headache. It's tiring and stressful. But it can be worse.
Aug 30, 2011Moving in...
Sep 02, 2011Cat Carrier
Sep 06, 2011The Whole Way
Sep 09, 2011All Moved In?
Sep 13, 2011Weird...
Sep 16, 2011Don't Tell
Sep 19, 2011Perspective
Sep 23, 2011I Like Them~
Sep 26, 2011Oops...
Sep 30, 2011He's Used To It
Oct 03, 2011Not Everyone Does
Oct 07, 2011Nothing!
Oct 10, 2011Ask The House

Chapter 2: Welcome to Town!

What's worse than moving? Having to meet a ton of new people all of whom have something they want to share.
Oct 21, 2011First Impressions
Oct 24, 2011All Sorts
Oct 28, 2011Old Things
Nov 04, 2011Hold Your Horses
Nov 18, 2011Totally Lame
Nov 22, 2011Meet The Principal
Nov 25, 2011Four?
Nov 29, 2011Ignore Him...
Dec 05, 2011You'll See
Dec 09, 2011Food Traditions
Dec 13, 2011Perfectly Normal
Dec 16, 2011Deep Roots
Dec 23, 2011Go-Getter
Dec 29, 2011This Time?
Jan 06, 2012First Day Roundup
Jan 10, 2012Just one boy
Jan 24, 2012You Will See
Jan 27, 2012Oh, Joy.
Feb 01, 2012Alone in the Woods

Chapter 3: Learning to Fit In

The end of a long day for the Lowes. But that doesn't mean things stop happening in Antoinette. No, not at all.
Feb 07, 2012This Time for Sure
Feb 14, 2012Pay!
Feb 17, 2012Outside!
Feb 24, 2012One of us
Mar 14, 2012Natural
Mar 23, 2012Good luck
Mar 28, 2012Dress Code
Mar 30, 2012I'm Doing It...
Apr 11, 2012Not the Only One
Apr 18, 2012Trouble
Apr 24, 2012That's Boys...
May 01, 2012A Boring Town
May 08, 2012Nature's Course
May 16, 2012You never burned
May 22, 2012I burned
May 30, 2012Not all that Old
Jun 06, 2012Almost Yesterday
Jun 13, 2012140 years ago...
Jun 20, 2012His Kind...
Jun 27, 2012Uhhh...

Chapter 4: Danger in the Woods

It's never a good idea for kids to wander off. But they will if presented the opportunity. But it's riskier in Antoinette.
Jul 04, 2012Lying in wait...
Jul 20, 2012Wanna Come See
Jul 25, 2012Tell No One
Aug 08, 2012Plans
Aug 23, 2012Something's Wrong
Sep 06, 2012Something to See
Sep 12, 2012Not So Alone
Sep 19, 2012Far too Late
Oct 03, 2012Just in Time
Oct 10, 2012Pain - BROUGHT!
Oct 30, 2012The Easy Way Out
Nov 04, 2012Caught!
Nov 09, 2012Exchange of Blows
Nov 16, 2012Impossible Getaway
Nov 20, 2012In Hiding...
Nov 27, 2012Let the Boy Speak!
Nov 29, 2012Now It Makes Sense
Dec 05, 2012Alpha Female
Dec 07, 2012The Other Mother
Dec 19, 2012Reaching a Verdict
Jan 02, 2013Tailed
Jan 04, 2013The Second Cat

Chapter 5: Nice to See You Again!

Not all who wander are lost? Feh, sometimes you could really wish that they WERE lost...somewhere else. Am I right or what?

Chapter 6: Intrusions

What if you had a house (town) guest who you didn't want there? And what if he were the sort who delights in being there against your wishes?
Mar 01, 2013Goings On Inside
Mar 13, 2013Smooth Recoveries
Mar 15, 2013Fun With Humans
Mar 20, 2013Romantic Approach
Mar 22, 2013Stroking the Ego
Mar 27, 2013Nearby Unknowns
Apr 03, 2013Gone for Now
Apr 05, 2013Schoolyard Bully
Apr 12, 2013Pep Talk
Apr 17, 2013Bygones be Bygones
Apr 26, 2013Live in the Woods
May 01, 2013Into the Woods
May 03, 2013The Forest Glade
May 08, 2013Clearbrook
May 10, 2013Discovered
May 15, 2013Nicknames
May 22, 2013Nearing Danger
May 31, 2013The Dryad's Forest
Jun 05, 2013Son of a WITCH!
Jun 19, 2013Futile Spells
Jun 21, 2013Disappointment
Jun 28, 2013Ensnared
Jul 03, 2013Take Flight
Jul 12, 2013One Question
Jul 19, 2013Ignored No Longer
Jul 24, 2013Narrow Escape

Chapter 7: Live and Learn

In which Ellie begins a crash course in survival. And other things.

Chapter 8: Chesspieces

In which long-term plans are set in motion. And in which the pieces don't always agree with their movements.
Oct 25, 2013Den of the Naga
Nov 01, 2013Today at School...
Nov 06, 2013Keeping a Lookout

Chapter 9: Not-so-Hot Blooded

In which things begin to get real for Ellie and the town.
Nov 15, 2013Convincing
Dec 04, 2013After Him!
Dec 06, 2013Follow the Leader
Dec 11, 2013Attack from Behind
Dec 13, 2013Cat Fight!
Dec 20, 2013Switching Targets
Jan 08, 2014Better Step Back
Jan 10, 2014Outburst
Jan 15, 2014Time to Slink Away
Jan 17, 2014What now?
Jan 31, 2014Sickly Kitty
Feb 05, 2014Two Conversations
Feb 07, 2014A Fairy Prison
Feb 21, 2014Explains the Kick

Chapter 10: Long Ago and Far Away

A time for those with some miles on them to find themselves, express some regrets, and plan for the future. Also, vampires. Don't forget the vampires.

Chapter 11: All Fairie Things

In which a certain fairy, usually not level headed, finds himself exalted.

Chapter 12: Just a Matter of Time

In which help and hindrance both come from unexpected angles.

Chapter 13: Committing to the Goal

In which the game is stepped up and certain irrevocable actions are taken.

Chapter 14: Off the Rails

In which our lead character goes to extremes and outside influences start to make themselves felt.

Chapter 15: On to Bigger Things

Aug 06, 2015Same Old Class
Aug 07, 2015For Today's Lesson
Aug 14, 2015Bailing Out
Sep 04, 2015Couldn't Care Less
Sep 09, 2015Not Helpiing
Sep 16, 2015Yes, Die
Sep 23, 2015Slump
Sep 30, 2015Undead Apathy
Oct 08, 2015Expectations
Oct 10, 2015What's At Stake
Oct 14, 2015Lovely Reminders
Oct 16, 2015The One He Loved
Oct 21, 2015Or both!
Oct 23, 2015Boy Bands Again?
Oct 28, 2015Darker Recesses
Nov 04, 2015A Lot of Trouble
Nov 06, 2015Time to Run Again
Nov 11, 2015Buying Time
Dec 02, 2015Probable Paradoxes
Dec 09, 2015Out of the Dark
Dec 11, 2015Snags
Dec 16, 2015Cutting it Close
Dec 18, 2015That's a Promise
Jan 08, 2016Don't Need to Know
Jan 15, 2016Warm Welcomes

Chapter 16: Making Mischief

Jan 20, 2016Extended Recess
Feb 03, 2016Big Uh Oh
Feb 05, 2016Den of Wolves
Feb 10, 2016Mothers Coalition
Feb 17, 2016Dangerous Plans
Feb 19, 2016Emergency Meeting
Feb 24, 2016Sneaking Out
Mar 04, 2016Poison Tongue
Mar 09, 2016Busy Work
Mar 16, 2016Step 1
Mar 23, 2016Step 2
Mar 30, 2016Step 3: Backfire?
Apr 06, 2016Caught Yet Again
Apr 13, 2016Chained
Apr 20, 2016Laughable At Best
Apr 22, 2016We'll Both Go
Apr 27, 2016Dude
Apr 29, 2016Recruiting Help
May 06, 2016Wolf Love
May 11, 2016A Bit of Advice
May 18, 2016That soon, huh?
May 25, 2016It's Our Town Now
May 27, 2016We
Jun 01, 2016Planting Ideas
Jun 03, 2016Took Down Himself
Jun 08, 2016Deserved to Burn
Jun 10, 2016His Support

Chapter 17: Bringing Change

Jun 17, 2016In the Running
Jun 22, 2016Common Ground
Jun 29, 2016Jealous Looks
Jul 06, 2016Always Watching
Jul 08, 2016We Know Cool
Jul 13, 2016Certain Looks
Jul 15, 2016A Different Sort
Jul 20, 2016A Wolf on the Roof
Jul 22, 2016Look Up
Jul 27, 2016Stepping on Toes
Jul 29, 2016Piling It On
Aug 03, 2016Pinning the Blame
Aug 05, 2016The ONLY Ones
Aug 10, 2016Slim Pickings
Aug 26, 2016The Old Office
Sep 02, 2016Her Help

Chapter 18: Taking the Town's Temperature

Sep 07, 2016In Control
Sep 09, 2016Choosing Leaders
Sep 14, 2016The Next Target
Sep 16, 2016Because Taxes
Sep 23, 2016Nothing Like Him
Sep 28, 2016Control the Wind
Oct 05, 2016A Song On the Wind
Oct 12, 2016Just Old
Oct 19, 2016The Campaign Trail
Oct 28, 2016Weirdness Afoot
Nov 04, 2016Voting Open
Nov 11, 2016Glowering
Nov 16, 2016Ain't Right

Chapter 19: Nirvana

Nov 16, 2016Ain't Right
Nov 18, 2016Thanks, Mr Mayor!
Dec 07, 2016Sore Loser
Dec 14, 2016On Whom to Spy
Dec 16, 2016She's Lost It
Jan 06, 2017I Spy
Jan 11, 2017Siren Secretary
Jan 18, 2017Nonchalant Report
Feb 15, 2017No Comment
Feb 22, 2017In Junior High
Mar 01, 2017Middle School
Mar 10, 2017Ghost Knowledge
Mar 15, 2017Hissss....
Mar 22, 2017Barely In the Door
Mar 24, 2017Real Power
Mar 29, 2017Old Friends
Apr 05, 2017It's HER
Apr 07, 2017Impatience
Apr 14, 2017Chick Problem
May 03, 2017Me and My Shadow
May 05, 2017Great, Mom's Here
May 10, 2017Enough

Odds and Ends

Sketchs, characters and other things that aren't a part of the story.
Nov 12, 2012GWS Guest Comic
Dec 28, 2012New Year's Sketch
Dec 25, 2013Merry Christmas!
Jan 01, 2014Happy New Year!
Jul 13, 2015Summer Break
Nov 22, 2016Happy Thanksgiving
Feb 05, 2017We're Back!